3d design service

What is 3d design service?

  1. Designing 3d model from sketch, which design is using to create parts or molds
  2. Drawing a sketch for designing plastic/metal part or injection mold
  3. Creating a CNC program, used for creating a metal part or mold physically

What is used for?

  1. 3d visualization of the part before producing it physically
  2. Correction of the part’s and mold’s dimensions before creating it
  3. Creating a CNC program for the prototype
  4. Creating a CNC program for the mold’s creation

Why 3d design service is needed?

  1. Get an idea of the size, weight, and type of the product
  2. Get an idea for the machine time of the part and injection mold
  3. Avoid unnecessary expenses over the mold after creating, by editing 3d models before that.
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